"Charles -- Becky and I wanted to express our sincere thanks for your handling of our property tax issue.  The valuation for this year was adjusted to reflect that value obtained via the appeal last year.  They increased it after January 1, but you intervened and it was set back to the appeal value.  Again, thanks for your excellent work.  

-- May 13, 2012 - Becky and Mike

"Chuck -- it means a lot to us and our clients that you took the time to add perspective with some of these nonstarter properties.  Prior to working with you through these and the [other] propert[ies], I was not focused on signing up Ohio properties for property tax reduction projects.  However, my mindset has and will evolve as we develop good results teaming with you.  As a client focused firm, we recognize providers who share the same likeminded focus.  We have been impressed with your approach while serving our clients.  Thanks and keep up the good work!"
-- March 28, 2012  Josh Malancuk, President - JM Tax Advocates, LLC

"I recently used Chuck Bluestone to get property tax appraisals reduced on a couple of rental properties I own in Franklin County.  Chuck got the job done successfully, economically and promptly.  If [large regional bank] needs help in getting any of its real estate tax bills reduced, I would highly recommend Chuck."
- February 1, 2012 — Roger K. (sent by client to VP of large regional bank)

"Charles was very helpful to us in reviewing the deed in lieu documents with our old bank.  He spent a considerable amount of time on the phone getting the bank to reword a few things.  His counsel gave me the peace of mind that the bank will not come back to me for money at a later date.  His final fee was very reasonable, considering the amount of time he put in.  A quality, trusted person."
- August 20, 2011 – Mike K. (from Yahoo.com)

"Mr. Bluestone helped me and my husband with lowering our real estate taxes on our home last year.  He was very personable and very professional and wasn't afraid to be completely honest with us.  He got our taxes lowered considerably, so my husband and I would recommend him to anyone looking to do this sort of thing!"

- October 11, 2010 – Allison G. (from Yahoo.com)

"Chuck helped me a few months ago with some real estate tax issues.  He was straight-forward and helpful.  It's nice to have an attorney who actually wants to help with your case and tries to do so any way he can.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help with real estate or other tax matters!"
- August 26, 2010 – Susan (from Yahoo.com)

"I was very pleased with the way that Charles Bluestone handled several complicated legal matters for me.  Not only did he perform the work quickly and competently, but he did so at an affordable rate.  His legal skills resulted in my winning the case.  I highly recommend him." 

- June 15, 2010 – Oliver M. (From Insiderpages.com)

"Chuck [provided] information [that] was very useful, and started me on my way to dealing with my Real Estate problems, without an attorney.  He recommended to me that if I could not handle the problem by myself to get in touch with him. I have never had an attorney give me the advice to handle the problem by myself, this was a pleasant surprise.  Thank you Chuck."
- May 12, 2010 – Terri (from Yahoo.com)

"Mr. Bluestone helped me with my decision. I met with Attorney Charles Bluestone and found him to be a genuine straight talker. He helped me with an unpleasant realty dilemma, his practical and sound advice gave me the answers I needed to take the next steps. He was very accommodating to my schedule and his rates were very reasonable. Thanks Chuck."
- April 19, 2010 – Frank (from Yahoo.com)

"Mr. Bluestone helped me resolve a problem with my mortgage company that had affected my credit for almost 2 years.  Mr. Bluestone completely handled our problem in 2 weeks.  His rates are very reasonable and he truly cares about his clients. He treated my issues as though it were a big money making deal, when in fact it wasn't.  I would "highly" recommend him for any issues dealing with mortgages.  He truly is a fair and honest attorney."
- March 31, 2009 – RJH (from Yahoo.com)

"Attorney Bluestone answered a question I had about an issue that was taking place in another state. I contacted attorneys in the other states, but they weren’t giving me any straight answers.  He advised me on some other ways to handle the problem.  I appreciated the way he helped and listened to me."
- June 23, 2008 – Karen (from Yahoo.com)

"Chuck Bluestone handled my case very competently, guiding me through the steps necessary to achieve the desired result.  Mr. Bluestone kept me informed about the status of my case at all times.   I was impressed with his professionalism.  The fee that he charged me for handling the case was very reasonable based upon his training, experience, and the results obtained."

- From Avvo.com